Luxury South Asian Bridal Package – With Ruman

Founder And Senior Artist
  • $600.00 Wedding day
  • $475.00 Reception
When you choose our luxury hair and makeup package we make sure that your look is everything you have envisioned for your wedding day!

Package details

  • A photo ready, flawless makeup look with 3d mink false lashes
  • A hairstyle of your choice, working with extensions included (hair sponges to be provided by client or pre ordered with Versailles artist)
  • Placement of all bridal jewellery, bridal accessories, and outfit dressing assistance particularly dupatta pinning
  • Client is responsible for providing accessories for artist to place and set
  • This price does not include a bridal trial

South Asian Bridal – With Joti or Aman

All package details are similar to luxury package as listed above
  • $400 Wedding day
  • $400 Reception

South Asian Bridal Pre-wedding Events

$250.00 – Sangeet, Mehndi, Maiya, Jago, Engagement (services included are similar to that as luxury bridal package listed above)

Individual South Asian Bridal Services

Photo – ready, bridal makeup $250.00 Bridal hairstyling $250.00 – updo, half-do, down-do of your choice. This price includes working with hair extensions (as long as the hair extension pieces are of normal length, heaviness). If updo is extremely detailed, hair is longer than average length extra $25-75.00 depending on time spent, and styling may apply.

Indian Bridal Trial With Ruman $250.00

A bridal trial can take anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours in time. This includes a makeup look, hairstyle of choice, and dupatta setting. Indian bridal trial with Versailles artists other than Ruman $150.00